After 50 hours of racing, Claudiu Beletoiu and Claire Bannwarth lead the 360º The Challenge Gran Canaria

Claudiu Beletoiu ©iancorless
17 Nov, 2023

The French Claire Bannwarth is two hours behind the Romanian athlete, who is in the lead, while the Gran Canarian José Bordón remains in third position

The race has a total of 54 withdrawals, the latest being that of Juan Diego Aguilar from Melilla at 4:30 in the morning

The Romanian Claudiu Beletoiu firmly leads the eighth edition of the 360º The Challenge Gran Canaria, and after 50 hours of competition, he faces the final stretch of the race after crossing kilometer 240 on Friday noon, 29 kilometers away from the finish line. Behind him, in second place, about 7 kilometers behind, is the French Claire Bannwarth, who was fourth overall in 2022 and has been in second place alone since Thursday evening this year, and unless she abandons, she will secure her fourth consecutive victory in the women’s category.

Meanwhile, in third overall position is the Gran Canarian José Bordón, who, at noon, was at kilometer 230 in his first participation in this race, three hours behind the leader. Behind him is Luca Papi, who at noon was at kilometer 220 and, if the race situation does not change, would enter the third position in the male category —fourth overall—.

At this race pace, it is expected that the first runner will reach the finish line located in the urban center of Tejeda around 6:00 p.m. on Friday. The GPS position tracking for each participant still in the race can be done through the website In addition, daily updates of the race are published on the social media of 360º The Challenge Gran Canaria.

In the women’s category, apart from Bannwarth, the Slovak Soňa Kopčoková —second towards the Valsequillo supply point— and the Hungarian Szilvia Lubics, who is about 100 kilometers from the finish line, are still in competition.

So far, the race has seen 54 withdrawals, the latest being Juan Diego Aguilar from Melilla, who decided to leave the competition at 4:30 a.m. at the Valsequillo supply point. Also, during yesterday’s stage, the Gran Canarian Javier Blanco, who had led the race and had to withdraw at the Santa Lucía de Tirajana life base due to throat complications; Armando Javier Rivero and José Fernando Carmona, who gave up at the Ayagaures supply point; and the Italian Omar Riccardi, who couldn’t reach this supply point located in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

In the relay category, the Canarians Esteban García and Francisco Estévez are still in the race and have reached Teror. Yesterday, the pair formed by Zigor Iturrieta and Iker Karrera abandoned.

During Friday afternoon, it is expected that the Bulgarian Pirin Galov, the French Stephen Higueret, the Spanish Alfredo Vila, the Italian Marco Gubert, the Irish Eoin Keith, the British Jonathan Burnhams, and the Canarians Eduardo Falcón and Yeray Rodríguez will reach the Teror life base, 78 kilometers from the end of the route.

The 360º The Challenge Gran Canaria is organized by Arista Eventos and is sponsored by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria through Turismo de Gran Canaria and Gran Canaria Isla Europea del Deporte, the Government of the Canary Islands with Promotur – Islas Canarias, the Tejeda City Council, and Fred. Olsen Express; and with the collaboration of the companies Lorenzo González Automoción, Gofio La Piña, Inerza, and Provital.