The 360 The Challenge Gran Canaria introduces a new relay race

7 Aug, 2023

The two runners will have to decide the strategy of which sections to cover in the more than 250 kilometers of the ultra-distance test

Registration will be available on the website starting this Thursday, June 22

The 360º ultra-distance race The Challenge Gran Canaria, which will take place between November 15 and 19, will debut a relay modality in its eighth edition. The two components will have to share the more than 250 kilometers and 12,000 meters of positive elevation gain in different sections in order to find the best strategy. This new category allows runners to enter self-sufficiency and unmarked tests, where it is essential, in addition to a remarkable physical condition, a good ability to orienteering.

The couples, who will face the same route and will have the same time limit (101 hours) as the runners of the original version, will have to decide what intervals each of them will do during the route, although always with the obligation to pass the baton inside the life bases scattered along the route. One of the components will leave together with the rest of those registered from the start of Tejeda and, in order to finish this adventure, both will have to cross the finish line together in the summit town.

As in previous editions, the road book for the 360º The Challenge Gran Canaria will be kept secret until ten days before it starts. During the more than 250 kilometers, the participants will have various life bases where they can eat, shower, recharge electronic devices and even sleep in order to face this race of self-sufficiency.

Arista Eventos, the organizer of the race, will provide the runners with detailed maps with which to orient themselves during the route that will be unmarked, as well as different digital files to upload them to devices with GPS with which they will also be able to follow the track of the race. . This challenge allows participants to discover corners of Gran Canaria that are practically virgin. To this is now added a new factor for the participants of the relay modality: the strategy. The runners will be able to decide in which life bases to carry out the baton exchanges, although with the obligation that each one of them cover at least one of the sections between two control points. Thus, there will be teams that will decide to divide the race into two parts, half and half, and others into four or five, always doing the relay in each of the life bases.

Registration for this modality will be available starting at 12:00 noon this Thursday, June 22, on the website Couples will be able to take advantage of a reduced price that will be maintained until next September 4th.