We have a new relay race!

In this 2023 edition we are going one step further. Have you always liked the 360º but have never decided to do it?

We offer you the option of competing in pairs in a relay mode.

How would it work? Each participant must complete at least one section that ends at a basecamp or at the finish line. In other words, at least one member of the team must complete one of the following sectors:

  • Start line – Basecamp
  • Basecamp – Basecamp
  • Basecamp – Finish line

The strategy to be decided between the pairs will be free, as long as the relays take place inside a life base and the cut-off times of the race are respected.

In addition, we will propose a joint final sector for the pairs to cross the finish line together. We will give you more information about this as the race approaches..

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