25 Nov, 2021

The 360º The Challenge, a race in self-sufficiency that started its adventure in the morning of Wednesday, November 24th, is proven to be an exciting event for the experienced runners who have landed in La Gomera from all over the world. As for now, after 37 hours since the race started, 41 runners are still in track and with the dream of finishing this extraordinary event.

After the alert situation decreed by the Security and Emergencies Board of the Canarian Government, which will start on Friday at 09:00 am and includes adverse weather forecast in La Gomera, the race and security direction had a meeting to make some decisions in order to maximize the safety conditions for each participant.

Among the measures to be taken, which will be confirmed before Friday 09:00 am, are the following:

  • Those sections of the route which connect with the areas of midland, high mountains or technical terrain will be cut, priorizing the trail through the GR-132.
  • The change of location of the basecamp set in Aceviños, which will be moved to Agulo, to avoid a section in the high mountains of La Gomera.
  • The organization will set a neutralization point between the locations of Vallehermoso (km 131) and Agulo (km 147).
  • Those runners who pass this point before the new neutralization hour will continue the race until the original finish line of San Sebastián de La Gomera through an alternative track.
  • Those runners who have not passed through the new neutralization point will have a new finish line at Agulo and will have the opportunity to end their experience at this location, avoiding the exposure to the adverse weather forecast in the last quarter of the race.

The neccesary adjustments will be made in the classifications in order to guarantee a fair race for everyone.

The organization works in collaboration with the authorities, the security forces and the mountain technicians deployed in La Gomera to secure the safety of all the runners.

Thank you for your collaboration. Kind regards.