By this Manifesto, I declare that:

1. I know and fully accept the rules of the sport event known as 360º The Challenge Gran Canaria through their regulations cited on the organization’s website www.360thechallenge.com.

2. I am physically well prepared for the competition; I have good general health, with no illnesses, diseases or injuries that may be aggravated by my participation in such race. If during the race I suffer any kind of injury or any other circumstance that could seriously damage my health, I will communicate it to the Organization as soon as possible.

3. I am aware that this type of competition carries an additional risk to the runners. I participate on my own will fully assuming the risks and consequences of my participation.

4. That I have the physical capacity to ensure my own safety, under the conditions delivered throughout the race.

5. I accept and agree to comply with safety standards and protocols established by the Organization in which I am taking part. I will maintain responsible behaviour in order to not increase the risk of my physical and mental well-being. I will follow the instructions and will obey decisions taken by the organization (judges, doctors and organizers) on security issues.

6. I authorize the race Medical Services to diagnose and cure any condition that may prevent me from continuing the race; and to leave the race if they think it is necessary due to health priorities.

7. That, before or during the race, I will not consume banned substances considered by the Federación de Ciclismo. The Organization anti-doping control may pass to the top three finishers.

8. To give authorization to the race’s Organization to use any photograph, film or recording made in connection with my participation in this event.

9. That my race bib is not transferable and cannot be used by another participant or any other person in my behalf.

10. That I participate voluntarily and under my own responsibility in the race. Consequently, I discharge any liability to the organization, partners, sponsors and any other participants, of any physical or material damage and, therefore giving up the right to lodge a complaint or lawsuit against them.

11. I know that the organizer reserves the right to accept or decline a participant, despite having paid the race entry which would be returned if not accepted.

12. That I accept to follow the general guidelines to respect the environment which are listed below:

a) Going cautiously on tracks and roads open to traffic.

b) Going slowly in the presence of people, animals, or vehicles.

c) Do not alter the processes and the natural functioning of ecosystems.

d) Do not damage the biotic, geological or cultural resources or, more generally, the landscape.

e) Avoid environmentally sensitive areas.

f) If needed, to do their physiological business away from water and away from places where people gather.

g) Do not light fires or create situations of fire risk.

h) Do not use or install any type of structure that leaves permanent mark.

i) Do not dump or abandon objects or solid or liquid out of places usually authorized to collect them.

Understood and accepted