Claire Bannwarth and Luca Papi will fight to defend their reign at the 360º The Challenge Gran Canaria 2023

14 Sep, 2023
The French runner and the Italian rider triumphed in the demanding 2022 edition, completing the 272 kilometre course in 59 and 54 hours respectively.
More than 70 runners have registered for the race on 15-19 November – Registrations are still available on the website, although the limit is almost reached.

Claire Bannwarth and Luca Papi return to Gran Canaria to defend their reign in the 360º The Challenge, which will take place from the 15th to the 19th of November. In 2022, the French runner won her third victory in the race by completing the demanding course of 272 kilometres and 14,000 metres of elevation gain, breaking the 60-hour barrier and finishing in fourth place in the general classification. For his part, the Italian athlete won his fourth victory in the 360º The Challenge thanks to a spectacular comeback in the last 50 kilometres that allowed him to cross the finish line as the winner in just over 54 hours of running. The town of Tejeda will once again be the epicentre of one of the most extreme events in the world of trail running, bringing together the best athletes specialising in self-sufficiency events.

At the moment there are more than 70 participants registered for the ultra-distance race with a large number of runners who are favourites for victory in Gran Canaria. Among them are Romanian runners Robert Hajnal and Claudiu Beletoiu, Italian Marco Gubert and Spanish Silvia Trigueros. The Basque runner, winner on three occasions of the mythical Tor des Geants, makes her debut this year in the 360º The Challenge and returns to the island seven years after her last participation in the Transgrancanaria. The Canarian athletes Esteban García and Sandra Moreno, among others, will also be taking part again in the race next November.

One of the great news for this eighth edition is the premiere of the relay race. The participants will have to divide the more than 250 kilometres and 12,000 metres of elevation gain into different sections in order to find the best strategy to reach the finish line. This new category allows runners to venture into self-sufficiency and unmarked races, where, in addition to a remarkable physical fitness, good orienteering skills are essential. The pairs, who will face the same course and will have the same time limit (101 hours) as the runners in the individual version, will have to decide which intervals each of them will do during the race, although they will always have to pass the baton inside the life bases located along the route. One of the participants will start with the rest of the participants from Tejeda and, in order to finish this adventure, both of them will have to cross the finish line together in the town of Tejeda.

To be remembered, as usual in this type of event, the route will be kept secret until ten days before the start of the race. Arista Eventos, the company organising the race, will provide participants with detailed maps to help them find their way along the route, which will be unmarked, as well as different digital files to load onto GPS devices, which will also allow them to follow the race track. This challenge allows participants to discover places of Gran Canaria that are practically untouched. Registrations for the 360º The Challenge Gran Canaria are still available on the official website, although the limit set by the organisers has almost been reached