38 runners become finishers of the 360º in La Gomera

9 Dec, 2021
The end of La Gomera´s great adventure is here. 360º The Challenge closes earlier than planned after the race was neutralised due to weather alert decreed by the Government of the Canary Islands.  
After Marco Gubert’s uncontested victory in the early hours of the morning, the day continued in La Gomera with great excitement. The women’s duel between French Claire Bannwarth and the Swiss Anita Lehmann was still to be resolved, and finally fell on the side of the French runner after 48 hours and 33 minutes of struggle, crossing the finish line in a striking fourth place overall. Bannwarth – like Gubert – managed to defend her crown and both will be forever part of the event history for winning two editions of the 360º in the same year. Lehmann was second (49:21:50 hours) and Italian Marina Plavan closed the podium with a time of 52:17:55 hours. Sandra Moreno from the Canary Islands completed the women’s classification with a fourth place.
Much more dramatic was the outcome of the men’s third place in the race. After the finishes of Gubert and Wouter Huitzing, the third place seemed clear for Emilio Pérez. However, the brave runner from Gran Canaria stopped his march just 12 kilometres from the finish line, having to abandon due to the fatigue accumulated during 48 hours of fighting. The Romanian Claudiu Beletoiu took advantage of his retirement, and in the last kilometres he was able to impose himself on the Asturian Fernando González.
Men’s podium 360º The Challenge
  • Marco Gubert (ITA): 40:09:03
  • Wouter Huitzing (HOL): 43:54:00
  • Claudiu Beletoiu (RUM): 48:16:33
Women’s podium 360º The Challenge:
  1. Claire Bannwarth (FRA): 48:33:16
  2. Anita Lehmann (SUI): 49:21:50
  3. Marina Plavan (ITA): 52:17:55
A total of 12 runners – 8 men and 4 women – had their finish line in San Sebastián de La Gomera after passing the neutralisation time in Agulo and being able to face the last kilometres of the course in safer conditions. Heavy rainfall on Thursday night and Friday morning added to the excitement of the race under the constant supervision of the safety team, whose final report ended without any emergency intervention in the race.

In addition, another 22 participants – all of them in the men’s category – were able to enjoy a finish line in Agulo, avoiding the last sector of the race for safety reasons. In their backpacks they will take with them almost 160 kilometres of a brutal experience through the mountains of La Gomera.